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January 14th, 2024

Be cautious of components that mention meat by-products as they may lead to health issues in some canine. Like human food manufacturers, pet food brands use advertising to make their products extra interesting. But to know the truth about the appropriateness of a pet food, look to the nutrition label. One place to get began is this helpful reference from the WSAVA.

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You must also take care, as ‘hypoallergenic’ doesn’t have a legal definition in pet food and producers like to apply it as a marketing ploy. In addition, simply because a product lists ‘beef and fish’ as the proteins in the ingredients list doesn’t imply it doesn’t have microscopic quantities of different proteins. Propylene glycol is typically used as a preservative in pet food and treats, and food dyes are utilized in some dog kibble manufacturers to make the food more colorful and thrilling.